Quiz answers: How well do you know these iconic dishes?

How did you go matching my selection of iconic dishes with their makers and restaurants? Here are the answers. I hope I get to try all of them one day…except for the olives.

Want to view the quiz questions first?

Which Sydney’s iconic chef is this dish creator?

est restaurant

Peter Doyle from Est. in Sydney created this beautiful dish. It goes by the name of ‘Nage of Moreton Bay Bugs’ and consists of grilled prawns, snap peas, shaved heirloom carrots, radish, and iberico jamon broth. Yum!

Olives but not really…who is the master mind behind them?
El Buli olives

Ferran Adrià of the renowned but now closed El Buli in Spain is the mastermind behind these magical liquid olives. Adrià  is known for his molecular gastronomy techniques and his incredible imagination with food.

Which 2011 Chef of The Year is the maker of this iconic dessert?

snow egg quay

2011 Good Food Guide Awards picked Peter Gilmore of Quay as the winner of Citibank Chef of the Year. Gilmore has earned three hats in his time at Quay and he keeps attracting customers from all over the country with this incredible snow egg dessert.

 In which hip Melbourne restaurant will you find this appetizing dish?

cutler and co

Salad Lyonnaise – frisee salad with crisp pancetta, garlic sausage, smoked tongue, confit gizzards and poached egg yolk – is the proud creation of Andrew McConnell at Cutler & Co in Melbourne’s Fitzroy.

This famous trout dish can be found at…

ocean trout tetsuyas

Tetsuya’s famous confit of ocean trout is all it’s hyped up to be – delicate, savoury, fresh and like no other trout dish you will ever try. I am lucky to have had it twice in my life and I highly recommend it. Fancy making it at home with Tetsuya’s own recipe
This dish goes well with pork…which menu will you find it on?

lentils porteno

Don’t be fooled by its appearance, this dish is an absolute knock out and can be found on the menu at Porteno, Sydney’s Best New Restaurant  in the 2011 Good Food Guide Awards. Try this dish and you will never think of brussels sprouts the same way. I am proud to say that I successfully made it at home after Porteno boys revealed their recipe on Masterchef, and it tasted ‘almost’ as good as the original.

Who is the brains behind this almost magical looking food creation?

oak moss heston blumenthal

And finally, Heston  Blumenthal, the chef and owner of the three-Michelin-starred The Fat Duck restaurant is the magician behind The Oak Moss (Jelly of Quail, Langoustine cream, parfait of Fois Gras, oak moss and truffle toast). OMG!

Images from: Cutler & Co, eatdrinkandwrite.blogspot.com, simonthomsen.com, Merivale Group, and friends.

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